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List of lectures (more details for each lecture can be found below list):

Wednesday 18th September at 7.00pm on Zoom, Mine Water Geothermal Energy                                                                                                   Wednesday 6th October at 7.00pm Joint Lecture with the Cornwall Geoconservation Group      

Wednesday 18th September at 7.00 pm on Zoom (link to follow in due course)

Mine Water Geothermal Energy

Alexandra Sweeney, PhD student, Department of Earth Sciences, Durham University


A quarter of the UK’s population live above disused underground mines. What used to be just a nuisance is now turning into an important resource for low carbon heating of homes and businesses. This talk will explain how mine water geothermal systems work and feature the latest results from a study of how dense the schemes could be made before they interfere with each other.


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Wednesday 16th October 2024 at 7.00pm on Zoom (link to follow in due course)

Cornwall Geoconservation Group of the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall lecture: Coverack North Shore Coastal Protection Scheme - Andrew Holme, (AECOM)


The Coverack North Shore Coastal Protection Scheme constructed a 125m long granite armour revetment, and a 55m long retaining wall along the shoreline between Coverack Cove and Dolor Point. The site on Coverack Beach is part of a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) for its geology, specifically the exposure on the foreshore of an almost continuous cross section of a palaeo-Moho, the former boundary between the earth’s crust and underlying mantle. 

All welcome.